As a rescue with unlimited dogs to save, and very limited space for dogs to house, our primary need is trustworthy, responsible foster-parents. 

Our goal is to give these dogs a temporary, loving space until we locate a suitable forever home. Of course, many fosters fall in love with their adoptee (what we call a “foster fail”) and that temporary space becomes the forever home! Due to the fact that we rescue the hardest cases, often the least-adoptable dogs with expensive medical conditions or some behavioral issues, it may take time to adopt out a foster. But in return, foster dogs will give the gratitude and love that only a rescue dog can provide.

We cover as many expenses as the foster requires. This includes food, crates, beds, toys, and most importantly of all, medical bills. We ask, in return, that the foster family care for and treat the dog as a member of their family. If you believe you would be a suitable foster, fill out our foster application below.