Our Programs

Over the years, we have changed our approach to rescue as we’ve seen the needs around us change. Here are some of our current programs. We’d like to hear from you on how we can continue to help the communities around us.

k9 Kismet Amigos

In 2020, we launched the K9 Kismet Amigos Program to help provide lifesaving medical care for dogs whose families need financial assistance with emergency specialty vet services. The Amigos Program enables owners to keep their pet rather than surrender them to an overly stressed shelter system. After the family has paid whatever they can, we step in and pay for all of the remaining medical care the dog needs without taking the decision of care away from the families. We don’t require them to surrender their pet, pay back any of the medical care costs, or provide future volunteer support. The help comes with no strings attached.

To date, our Amigos Program has helped over 40 beloved pets and counting–dogs like little Asher, who was diagnosed with Laryngeal Paralysis at just 12 weeks of age. Left untreated, Laryngeal Paralysis can lead to premature death because it increases the risk of aspirated pneumonia and other complications with eating, breathing, and drinking. Asher required a specialty life saving surgery. Through our Amigos Program, we’re able to supplement costs for his family so Asher could receive the treatment he needed.

When you’re in crisis mode just trying to save your dog from death, money should not be a determining factor. When we can ease that burden, we do, allowing the family to focus their energy on loving their pet and giving the pet a fighting chance to live.

Forever Fosters

The dogs in our rescue who have been diagnosed with a terminal condition or have been given a prognosis that requires ongoing monitoring and care are designated Forever Fosters. These special foster parents provide a loving home while we provide the supplies and medical care needed for the dog to be comfortable and enjoy a high quality of life for as long as possible.  

If you’re interested in being a Forever Foster, apply today. Together we can give a dog a peaceful and loving home during the last chapter of their life.

cooking with asher

Cooking with Asher is a program created to fill the empty food bowls of dogs in our community when their families have difficulty feeding them. This program was created to offer short term help to families having difficulty feeding their beloved pets(s). Limiting the quantity we provide to each family enables us to reach more families and spread our resources to others. This program is funded 100% by donations from our supporters, people like you! To receive food, the family must submit a request (informally over email is good enough!) and agree to let us use their information to share their pet’s story. We don’t name the humans for their privacy, but we do feature each animal that we help. They get their very own social media shout out. Supporters can follow the story to get information and pictures about the animals, seeing the direct impact of their donation.

Asher Square

Santa Paws!
Season of Giving

Annually, around the time when kids are getting giddy with the idea of presents under the tree or lighting candles for Chanukah, we feature each of the dogs in our care and their Season of Giving wishes. Most years, this giving campaign is how we provide supplies to the fosters – food, toys, leashes, collars, name tags, beds… you name it. If the dog needs it, they just need to write it on their annual wishlist. We do the rest, with the support of the community. In 2020, each animal chose to give up their wish in order to help other nonprofits. In doing so, they were able to spread the word about some other pretty awesome and deserving charities.