About us

K9 Kismet Dog Rescue is a 501(c)(3) registered non-profit organization based in Long Beach, California. We’re foster-based and 100% volunteer-run. Founded in 2015, our dedicated team members have helped to place hundreds of animals in loving, permanent homes.



Our primary mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and find loving, permanent homes for dogs in shelters who are at-risk of euthanasia and dogs whose owners can no longer care for them. We believe in compassionate rescue when a dog is enduring inhumane living conditions or is likely to be deemed less adoptable due to age, health, emotional state, or breed. We ensure that all the dogs we take into our rescue, regardless of individual needs, are cared for with love and compassion for the duration of their lives.

We strive to make a difference in the life of each dog we bring into our pack, and our commitment to each dog doesn’t end once they are adopted. We provide lifelong support to all K9 Kismet alumni should an emergency arise. Once a K9 Kismet Dog, always a K9 Kismet Dog. This isn’t a catch phrase; this is a core value.

Our secondary mission is to help pets stay in their homes by offering assistance through our community outreach programs.


The Kismet Way

♦ We pride ourselves on being an all-breed rescue that offers assistance to dogs of all ages and sizes. We do not believe in breed-specific legislation (BSL) or other forms of discrimination.

 We keep our intake numbers low with the intention of having a personal relationship with each dog (and foster family) in our rescue.

♦ All of the dogs in our care receive regular wellness exams, preventative treatment, and specialty care as needed. All are fully vaccinated, spayed/neutered (unless medically waived), and microchipped.

♦ 100% of the Kismet team members are volunteers, which means every dollar donated to our rescue directly helps the dogs we serve.

♦ We strive to maintain strong partnerships with local shelters and other rescue organizations in our community in an effort to increase our life-saving efforts.